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SCTP_RECVMSG(3)         Linux Programmer's Manual        SCTP_RECVMSG(3)

NAME         top

       sctp_recvmsg - Receive a message from a SCTP socket.

SYNOPSIS         top

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/socket.h>
       #include <netinet/sctp.h>

       int sctp_recvmsg(int sd, void * msg, size_t len,
                        struct sockaddr * from, socklen_t * fromlen,
                        struct sctp_sndrcvinfo * sinfo, int * msg_flags);

DESCRIPTION         top

       sctp_recvmsg is a wrapper library function that can be used to
       receive a message from a socket while using the advanced features
       of SCTP.  sd is the socket descriptor on which the message
       pointed to by msg of length len is received.

       If from is not NULL, the source address of the message is filled
       in. The argument fromlen is a value-result parameter. initialized
       to the size of the buffer associated with from , and modified on
       return to indicate the actual size of the address stored.

       sinfo is a pointer to a sctp_sndrcvinfo structure to be filled
       upon receipt of the message.  msg_flags is a pointer to a integer
       that is filled with any message flags like MSG_NOTIFICATION or
       MSG_EOR.  The value of msg_flags pointer should be initialized to
       0 to avoid unexpected behavior; msg_flags is also used as an
       input flags argument to recvmsg function.

RETURN VALUE         top

       On success, sctp_recvmsg returns the number of bytes received or
       -1 if an error occurred.

SEE ALSO         top

       sctp(7) sctp_bindx(3), sctp_connectx(3), sctp_sendmsg(3),
       sctp_sendv(3), sctp_send(3), sctp_peeloff(3), sctp_getpaddrs(3),
       sctp_getladdrs(3), sctp_opt_info(3)

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Linux 2.6                      2005-10-25                SCTP_RECVMSG(3)

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